Art Pick of the Month, July, 2017

July  2017 Art Selection

“Heartache.”  On display during “RED” …. a JULY exhibition  at Gallery 360  focused on the color red running from the 5th to the 31st in downtown Vancouver, Washington at the Esther Short Park.  

Longing has a force. After a beloved life passes there is grief and hearts that ache. The beat felt, though spontaneous, has a rhythm that seems to lack all cadence. “Heartache” is an attempt to capture that feeling in just two dimensions and with paint. Impossible? Perhaps. However, I know this piece is one I couldn’t produce again no matter the effort, something resting at the edge of  human comprehension, like departed souls and the residual  longing for them to be once again. Heartache is an example of what many painters know: the struggle, and the inevitable war waged against the limitations of a given medium and the emotions working inside the mind of the one attempting to express them.

Heartache, acrylic by Gary Watson